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There are many issues that may occur while handling and understanding the mechanism of the HP products. You are landed in the right place for solutions to all the issues related to HP.

We provide best services in terms of security and solutions. Everyone is not comfortable while using printers. Beginners may face problem while using printers, so all the issues should be resolved by HP Support. and can also visit the Hp Printer Support Number. for more information and help.

The issues that may occur while using an HP printer are:-

•    Now the printer is not working on the network-

o    Firstly, restart your computer and printer because many issues can be resolved just by restarting the equipment.

o    Check whether the printer is connected to network or not.

o    You should the IP address of the printer. Is it same or just changed.

o    Check all the updates of the wireless router.

o    If printer never works on the network, then.

o  Try power cycling of the computer and printer.

o   Check the router settings.

o      Check whether printer software installed or not?

•    How to scan printer with the drivers?

o    It purely depends on the printer and installed the driver. Maybe scan button is not working on the printer control panel.

o    You just have to change the settings of the printer.


•    How to change the color setting and print quality?

o    You have to follow some steps for changing the settings.

o    In the preset menu, you will get an option for changing all the desired settings.

o    You change the layout and border settings also.

•    Printing Problem-

o    All the problems while printing may be resolved with scan doctor.

o    Firstly you have to select the printer and proceed further with all the instructions given.

•    Scanning Problem-

o    If there are white checkmarks then the printer is ready to use and there is no error.

o    If there is white wrench then there may be some issue with the printer.

o    If there are yellow exclamation points, that means there are so many problems in the printer and it needs a proper user action.

•    How to connect a wireless printer with wireless network?

o    Firstly you need to turn on the wireless printer.

o    Setup should be installed.

o    Follow all the instructions on the screen.

o    Both wireless and wired computer on the network is now able to browse the printer.


There is numerous way to contact us. One of the simple ways just calls us and describe your problem with our executives, they will provide the best solution. Or you can email us the problem. Free to contact HP Support